Eco-friendly Polyester

Your environmentally friendly choice for clothing!


What is Eco Polyester? This is a trademarked product property of Oratex Inc. and is a process which uses the latest technology and equipment to process polyester fabric (regular or recycled) using 70% less water, 70% less energy and 70% less heat compared to traditional methods.

On average producing 1 meter of polyester fabric will consume 13 liters of water and over 29,000 Kj of energy. In comparison 1 meter of Eco Polyester fabric will consume 3.9 Liters of water and 8700 Kj of energy.

Make a solid Environmental decision—Choose Eco Polyester!

All of the clothing labelled "eco" in the title is manufactured from this material in Montreal, Canada.  It's also easy to care for, just machine wash in cold water with a phosphate-free detergent, machine or hang to dry, do not bleach